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I've always loved spending time in the kitchen.  Starting at a young age I toddled after both of my grandmothers as they cooked and baked up a storm.  From the sumptuous schnitzel and paprikash from my Oma Reinbold, to the decadent cookies and pies from my Grandma Ulch, those flavors formed so many of my childhood memories and shaped the cook I am today.


They taught me the importance of making things with your hands for the ones you love.  To this day, food is still my love language. 


I’m a working mom with teen-aged boys who seem to never stop eating. Early on, my husband and I resolved to prioritize home-cooked family dinners using fresh and organic ingredients, and I’m proud to say that we stuck with it.  It wasn’t always easy, what with demanding work-travel schedules, piano lessons, and soccer practices, but we held steadfast to our commitment and we did it!


I’m looking forward to sharing with you the tricks of how we got through the first fifteen years, and how we continue to be a close knit family that comes together every evening… in the kitchen.


Tiffany Mihalitsas, Founder

In the Kitchen

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